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To leverage the latest in internet technology to drive the business and to implement the advanced business capabilities of Oracle Applications Release11i, Wayne-Burt has established expert team to make sure the organization, upgrade their Oracle applications implementations from 10.7 to 11i. We also address all the issues of application migration, resource planning, upgrade methodology and implementations to provide turnkey solutions for the enterprises

Wayne-Burt's offerings in the area of Oracle Applications comprises of the following with due emphasis on Oracle Financials:

Oracle Applications Implementation
Full Implementation - This is a turnkey implementation, involving the following processes:
Current business process baseline
Gap analysis
System architecture & design
Data migration
Fast Forward Implementation - Where clients require only the core modules to be implemented within a short span of time this methodology is adopted. It covers only the following processes:
Wayne-Burt Migration Methodology to Release 11.x / 11i
In the Planning & Migration Assessment Phase, you need to consider the following processes
Project Management: Devises a comprehensive project plan and manages the project based on the accepted plan.
Business Requirement Review: Updates the business needs impacted by the upgrade project and documents changes in business processes between your current release and the Release 11.x/11i applications.
Requirement Mapping Update: Evaluates the changes in the Release 11.x/11i applications against the business requirements defined in the Business Requirements Review process.
Migrate Application and Technical Architecture: Evaluates the incremental impact of the migration on the existing architecture.
Migrate Custom Extensions: Defines the tasks and deliverables to update customizations for compatibility with Release 11.x/11i or to replace the customizations with new functionality available in Release 11.x/11i.
Data Migration: Defines the tasks and deliverables required to migrate current system data to the Release 11 application.
Documentation: Updates existing documentation created during implementation of the current release to that of the Release 11.x/11i environment. If none exists, it should be developed.
Business System Testing: Verifies that the Release 11.x/11i application functionality meets the business objectives.
In addition to the implementation and migration processes explained above, Wayne-Burt also offers its' services in the following areas of:
Application enhancement
Customized training and knowledge transfer
Database administration and support services