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Forms*Nova (6i)



Legacy Application Migration Services

Oracle data base Migrations
Forms*NOVA migrates any older versions of Oracle Forms Applications like V2(step logic) V2.3, V2.4, V2.7, V3.0, V4.5, V5.0, V6.0 to V6i Client Server.
Forms*NOVA is a complete tool for Oracle Forms application migration. The user-friendly wizards help the user to migrate the forms application in a planned way. The wizard itself can however be customized to facilitate direct migration or progressive migration.
General Migration Objectives
Upgrade to Latest versions
Maintain Functionality
Implement GUI widgets
V2.3 Step Logic to PL/SQL
Migrating any older version to Forms6i
Open Mouse Logic Support
Customizable GUI Templates
Obsolete & deprecated functionalities are properly taken care
PL/SQL Exception Handling
PL/SQL Standardization & Formatting Intelligent Alert Mapping
Web Support
Migration Documentation