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Wayne-Burt Technologies is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Wayne-Burt is executing hi-tech projects / products on-site and offshore basis. Wayne-Burt is an Oracle member partner having formidable presence in key international markets providing quality enterprise application solutions to major corporate clients worldwide.

Wayne-Burt Technologies has set up a state-of-the-art center for Oracle Competency Center concentrating on Oracle Migration, Oracle Domain Services, and Oracle Maintenance as the focus areas. Its team of Functional and Technical consultants has been drawn from various multinational organizations and Indian-Conglomerates. Wayne-Burt Oracle Competency Center was established to provide high quality solutions to the growing need of the industry to take care of their Oracle based applications, not only maximize the investments in Oracle related products but a more basic level prevents them from being redundant all together.

Migration : Application & Database Migration
Domain Services : Portal Developments
Maintenance support

Forms*NOVA is a complete tool for Oracle Forms applications migration and migrates SQL*Forms v2.3 or V3.x applications to Oracle Developer Forms v6i or 9i applications. The user-friendly wizards help the user to migrate the forms application in a planned way. The wizard itself can however be customized to facilitate direct migration or progressive migration. It focuses on 'Single-Roof Solution' for migrating any older version of forms applications to the latest with the support of deploying to Character User Interface based deployment (CUI), GUI and WEB.

PL/SQL Version compatibility
Graphical user interface comfort
Technical support availability
Application is portable and scalable
Improved performance due to application standardization
Improved user interface, easy debugging and maintenance
Deployment in WEB is easier and cost-effective