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Forms*10gMIGRATOR migrates any older versions of Oracle Forms Applications like V2(step logic) V2.3, V2.4, V2.7, V3.0, V4.5, V5.0, V6.0/6i to 10g Web enabled.
Forms*10gMIGRATOR - a "Single-Roof Solution" for migrating any older version of SQL/Oracle Forms applications to the latest "WEB ONLY" Oracle Forms*10g applications and allows the users/developers deploy their application in WEB instantly.
Major Highlights of WEB Migration
3 - Tier Architecture
Platform independence
Cost effectiveness
Access to other technologies
Easy Maintenance and Accessibility
Mouse Navigation Support For WEB
Reduced network traffic
Keep up with technology
General Migration Objectives
Improved Look and Feel
Scalable to WEB environment deployment
Maintain Functionality
Implement GUI widgets
V2.3 Step Logic to PL/SQL
Migrating any older version to Forms10g
Customizable GUI Templates
Obsolete & deprecated functionalities are properly taken care.
PL/SQL Exception Handling
PL/SQL Standardization & Formatting Intelligent Alert Mapping
Migration Documentation